Over the Horizon Ringtone Download of All Samsung Galaxy (2011-2024)

over the horizon ringtone download

Over the Horizon Ringtone: Over the Horizon is the default ringtone for all Samsung Galaxy phones since 2011. With each new model, the company has been releasing newly arranged/remix versions, last year there was an orchestral version. This year, they got Yoongi to produce a newer version. ++

Over the Horizon Samsung Galaxy Ringtone (2011-2024)

When you boot up a new Samsung phone and go to the music library, you will find that there is already a song – it’s called Over The Horizon, and it’s the official Galaxy S phones anthem or jingle. you have ever owned a Galaxy phone, you will probably recognize the central motif of the melody.

Over The Horizon debuted with the Samsung Galaxy S2 in 2011, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 launched on January 14 and its bring the 10th version, or 9th reimagining, of that song.

Each iteration of Over The Horizon is different, in terms of instrumentation, tone, and length, but they’re all written around a six-note pattern, which is woven in different ways into each version of the jingle.

Let’s download and listen to 10 years of catchy songs ringtones.

Over the Horizon – Galaxy S21 (2021) Ringtone

Size: 2.1 MB

Galaxy S21 (2021) Over the horizon – produced by SUGA of BTS

Suga’s Over the horizon ringtone

Over the horizon – produced by SUGA of BTS for Samsung galaxy.

  • File size: 861 KB

Over the Horizon – Galaxy S20 (2020) Ringtone

Over The Horizon is nature-themed, but it takes us to dry land (well, land, though there’s lots of water still). This is entirely natural sounds, like running water and birdsong, so it’s perfect for people who like a soft wake-up.

Size: 1.3 MB

Over the Horizon – Galaxy S10 (2019) Ringtone

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s ringtone was inspired by, as the accompanying video makes patently clear, water and oceans. Great for people who like natural-sounding music, bad for people with thalassophobia (fear of the sea).

Size: 1 MB

Over the Horizon – Galaxy S9 (2018) Ringtone

Now we enter Samsung’s ‘natural’ phase, of pieces inspired by nature. This first one takes the listener on an ‘atmospheric journey of discovery’. It’s a dramatic shift in the direction of the songs, and one could argue the new pieces were less useful as alarms and better suited for ringtones, due to their soft opening. Still, if you like being woken up lightly instead of by a full digital orchestra, this version could be better for you.

Size: 1.3 MB

Over the Horizon – Galaxy S8 (2017) Ringtone

Over The Horizon in 2017 was written by artist Jacob Collier, and he seems to be going in a similar direction to Dirty Loops.

Size: 1.38 MB

Over the Horizon – Galaxy S7 (2016) Ringtone

The 2016 Over The Horizon starts off normal enough, with the motif played immediately, a quick drum break, a jazzy brass harmony

Size: 1.69 MB

Over the Horizon – Galaxy S6 (2015) Ringtone

The piece starts slow, with a soft harp rendition of the motif, and it takes a lot longer to build up than the previous versions, only bringing percussion and a full orchestra in after two minutes. It’s certainly not as obviously upbeat as the 2013 version, harkening more to the 2012 song.

Size: 1.48 MB

Over the Horizon Ringtone 2013-14

The song, written to the vague theme ‘Life Companion’, starts slow with synths and pianos, before slowly building up to a crescendo with busy instrumentation. There’s what sounds like a guitar, strings, drums, piano, and more.

Over the Horizon Ringtone 2014 (Samsung Galaxy S5)

Size: 1.88 MB

Over the Horizon Ringtone 2013 (Samsung Galaxy S4)

Size: 1.88 MB

Over the Horizon – Galaxy S3 (2012) Ringtone

The first reimagining of Over The Horizon starts quite soft, with more acoustic instruments like strings and pitched percussion carrying.

Size: 1 MB

Over the Horizon – Galaxy S2 (2011) Ringtone

The original Over The Horizon for the Samsung Galaxy S2 defines early versions of it – it’s upbeat, poppy, uses loaded instrumentation (with real and digital instruments), and sounds like it would fit right into the soundtrack. of the Sims.

Size: 1 MB

That’s all of our Over the Horizon Ringtones (2011-2021) collections. Please do share it with your friends, and don’t forget to comment here, which is the best Over the Horizon Ringtone?

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